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Space Monolith Action Figure. Warcraft Steins. Stargate F-302 Model. World of Warcraft: Frostmourne Latex LARP Sword. Stargate SG-1 Collector Scale Death Glider Replica. Credit Card Lightbulb. Turn your iPhone into something useful: phone case with flip-out keyboard. Swiss Army Knife … Continue reading

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Monetary monopoly of governments in jeopardy? Stuerzt das Geldmonopol von Regierungen?

A spectre is haunting the world of finance. The spectre of Open Source Money. Bitcoin is currently experiencing media attention, after it was called “the most dangerous project ever seen” by an editor of a investent magazine. The video and … Continue reading

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Watch “23 Degrees 5 Minutes Teaser Trailer” on YouTube

Brownbag films are an Irish animation studio whose work exceeds the ordinary and is right up there on the animation olymp with the likes of Pixar and Co. . Enjoy this trailer teaser of their latest film to be released … Continue reading

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Watch “16-bit ALU in minecraft” on YouTube

Check out this guy who built an ALU in minecraft, using the means of the game to create binary switches and combine them into an “actual” piece of hardware – the ALU. He plans on adding components to achieve a … Continue reading

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