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Antimatter created up to 500 times a day – right here on Earth, above our heads…

antimatter created in Earth thunderstorms / Antimaterie entsteht in irdischen Gewittern Continue reading

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Life … it’s sad that it takes the loss of people close to me to start appreciating it again.

On Monday night I lost a close friend, fellow wanderer and techie to H1N1. On Friday I’ll bit him farewell as his mortal remains will be lowered into the eternal parking position on the great harddrive of life. I’ve been … Continue reading

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It has happened – AngryBirds on Windows

Finally – Angry Birds has made its way – all the way – from the Apple iThing App Store over Android and WebOS onto Windows. Intel is now listing this awesome game in the “App Up” app store for netbooks. … Continue reading

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Android App for WordPress…

…seems to work okay too. So now I can blog from whereever whenever. A good thing?

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Welcome! :-) Willkommen!

My blog 2.0 *sic* has gone online. I imported posts from my blogs and my older phpBB blog. So this is now a one-stop shop for schubi’s blogs. Mein Blog 2.0 *seufz* ist nun online. Ich hab’ die Eintraege … Continue reading

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Forgetting passwords can have a learning effect.

… or so it seems. I have this little “CMS” on my router which uses sqlite as database-backend and I had forgotten the password of the admin user. So I found the .db file that housed the “database” and renamed … Continue reading

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